Surek was a scholar, judge and Imperial servant.


History Edit

The son of a wealthy merchant, Surek's father was able to afford to pay for his son to study at one of the finest dwarven academies. He studied hard, and gradually established a reputation for his knowledge of divinity and Imperial law. He was eventually chosen to serve the Empress as a judge, sentencing thieves and murderers on her behalf in the Imperial courts. His time in this influential position did not last long, though. Before he was to pass judgment on a mayor accused of murdering his wife, he was strongly advised by his colleagues to exonerate the disgraced official because of the man's financial influence. When Surek referenced the strong evidence that indicated guit, he was offered gold to fall in line. Instead Surek sentenced the mayor to be beheaded, and publicly denounced those who had tried to bribe him. He was soon removed from his position by Imperial order, but his courage and integrity had been recogized and he was chosen by the Empress to serve as one of her representatives.

Description Edit

Surek was not an old man, but his stern demeanor, weathered skin and iron-grey hair made him look it. He was known to be unsympathetic when speaking with the voice of justice, and it was said that not even the tears of a child could sway him from his convictions.

In the Campaign Edit

Surek was travelling with a company of paladins who were travelling south to investigate some troubling reports of the breakdown of order in that area, but his group was ambushed by sahuagin and scrag as they attempted to navigate a path that passed near the edge of a precipitous cliff face. Facing overwhelming numbers, Surek was forced off the edge and into the cold dark ocean. He has not been seen since.

Character Sheet Edit

Surek LN Human wizard Crossbow+2(d8/19-20) Quarterstaff+0(d6)

HP6 Initiative+2 AC12 Speed30(6) Abilities-10,14,16,18,8,10 Saves+3+2+1

Skills - Spellcraft+8, Reckoning+8, Religion+8, Arcana+8, History+8, Law+8, Geography+8

Feats - Improved Initiative, Spell Penetration

Spells - Magic missile, sleep, ray of enfeeblement, shield

Equipment - Backpack, waterskin, trail rations, bedroll, sack, flint and steel, ten candles, map of the continent and map case, three pages of parchment, ink and inkpen, spellbook, 11 gold pieces