According to early records, the first sapient creatures to be granted life were divided into four races, each lead by the paragons which best suited by their ideals. These leaders were slected by the primordial gods themselves, and are now best known as the patron saint of their respective races. Moradin lead the first 800 dwarves to the west, deep into the crags and valleys. Corellon Larethian lead his 1000 elves into the lush forests to the north-east. Garl Glittergold settled his 1200 gnomes in the center of the land, which held the most bountiful land, and plentiful rivers. Gruumsh took the remaining land for his 1500 orcs, who were the only creatures hardy enough to survive the harsh climate of the south. The diplomacy between these nations was that of a tense peace, an agreement between the four nations to defend the others, should one try to expand their lands by force