Dominic is an inquisitor of the moon and an Imperial servant.


The fourth son of the great and noble house of Daxivus, Dominic was unlikely to inherit so he was instead sent to study at one of the most renowned dwarven academies. Ambitious even from an early age, Dominic studied divinity and was eventually chosen to become an inquistor of the moon.


Dominic is lean and bony, but is nevertheless a competent fighter. He can be curt, but is honest and devotes himself to seeing that the justice of the gods is done.

Character SheetEdit

Dominic - First level human inquisitor

HP10 Initiative+0 Speed20(4) AC15(T10,FF15) 

Abilities14,10,14,12,12,14 Saves+4/+0/+3

Heavy Flail+2(d10+3/19-20) Longbow+0(d8/x3)

Skills- Sense Motive+5, Knowledge (religion)+5, Diplomacy+6, Gather Information+5, Search+5, Use rope+4, Knowledge(geography)+5

Feats - Heavy armour proficiency, Power attack

SQ Appropriate Force, Commanding Presence, Overwhelming Presence (-1 attack and damage)

Spells - 2/day — Cure minor wounds, deathwatch, detect magic, detect poison, endure pain, message, resistance

Equipment - Heavy flail, longbow, quiver of arrows, breastplate, backpack, waterskin, trail rations, bedroll, sack, flint and steel, map of the continent and map case, parchment, ink and inkpen