Dominic - First level human inquisitor

HP10 Initiative+0 Speed20(4) AC15(T10,FF15) 

Abilities14,10,14,12,12,14 Saves+4/+0/+3

Heavy Flail+2(d10+3/19-20) Longbow+0(d8/x3)

Skills- Sense Motive+5, Knowledge (religion)+5, Diplomacy+6, Perception+5, Search+5, Use rope+4, Knowledge(geography)+5

Feats - Heavy armour proficiency, Power attack

SQ Appropriate Force, Commanding Presence, Overwhelming Presence (-1 attack and damage)

Spells - 2/day — Cure minor wounds, deathwatch, detect magic, detect poison, endure pain, message, resistance

Equipment - Heavy flail, longbow, quiver of arrows, breastplate, backpack, waterskin, trail rations, bedroll, sack, flint and steel, map of the continent and map case, parchment, ink and inkpen