Corvan Greycloak geared for Battle

Corvan Greycloak is a powerful warrior and adventurer from Garrad. He is often accompanied by the wizard Baldorius.

History and PersonalityEdit

Corvan may in fact be the last of his line, as the Greycloak family lost all of their wealth to gambling by Corvan's grandfather Dorian. Raised by his somewhat demented mother, Corvan ran away from home while very young. He attempted to become a thief, but his physique did not lend itself to this role, so he acted as a general thug for a number of years. He was forced to abandon his hometown at seventeen, where he became a bandit who robbed from merchants on trade roads. Corvan retains a degree of his past honour, deeply suppressed within his alter-ego, Jaem Whitecloak. As a result, he can easily become confused, ranging from enthusiasm to revulsion at his deeds. Since Baldorius joined him, Corvan's self-analysis has become more thorough than usual. Despite this, he mostly has no qualms in murder, theft, rape, arson, treason, or any other crimes.

Skills and PowersEdit

Corvan is a massive man who easily wields a great fullblade to hack his enemies to pieces. His armour is lighter than that worn by many men of his role, as Corvan is surprisingly fast and flexible. His truly outstanding ability is his knack for scaring the piss out of people; truly, few are so intimidating as Corvan is. He also has a number of minor powers lent by demons, which confuses his alter ego who believes he is a paladin.